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We offer practice-based training sessions, online learning solutions, and downloadable resources, serving the professional education needs of practitioners at every level of experience.

Featured courses:

Fundamentals of IIS: Interoperability

Part of the Fundamentals of IIS series, the goal of this course is to introduce learners to key concepts related to interoperability and the responsibilities of the IIS. This course includes information about electronic health records, health information exchanges, HL7, and federal incentive programs.

Other courses in the Fundamentals of IIS series include Data Quality and HL7 Basics.

Immunization Evaluation and Forecasting

Immunization Evaluation and Forecasting is a course intended to improve the way all IIS staff interact with their forecasting systems or functionality so that staff can better troubleshoot user questions, onboard providers, advocate for systems changes, and work with vendors. The lesson covers topics like vaccine schedules and ACIP recommendations, the CDCís CSDi project, and how immunization & evaluation functionality impacts both clinical care and public health.

Because this lesson focuses on evaluation and forecasting systems specifically, we assume some knowledge from the prerequisite course, Fundamentals of IIS: Interoperability.

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